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Welcome to my studio!

Good morning! Come take a tour of my quilt studio!

It's a lovely spring day in New Mexico. There's finally a hint of green outside, the hummingbirds are back, and the wind is blowing so hard, you may fall over, haha. Springtime here is known for gusty winds, some days 40-50mph. But it's lovely inside, come on in.

This is the view when you walk in our turquoise front door.

This is Betty, my workhorse and daily companion. I wrote a post about her here.

Turning left you'll find my desk and computer. I chalk painted this old garage sale desk and I LOVE it! My college roommate bought it for me for $5! Sadly, it got water damage in our last terrible move, so it may not survive the next one.

Next to my desk is my design wall. I covered foam insulation boards with white flannel and put a couple small nails in to keep it from falling down. It's so tall I have to use a stepladder to reach the top!

Next to the design wall is my sewing table. I love my Brother sewing machine! I bought it in 2009 when we moved back from Germany. I sew on it and I've only had to have it repaired twice in the last 13 years. I have a wonderful view of the Sandias from this front window.

Next up is my cutting table. I love the elevated height and shelving on the sides.

And I love my giant cutting mat! Here are my scraps sorted for my Seaglass quilt.

One more turn sets you right back to Betty and one of my favorite quilts hanging on the wall. The 2019 Quiet Play pattern club quilt. It really brightens up the space!

Last, but not least, is my ironing table. I repurposed our old kitchen cart and added a large ironing surface on top. It's easy to move if necessary, can iron 44" wide at a time, and it holds my longarm threads to keep them free from dust.

The quilt in the corner is my absolute favorite quilt. Fourth of July by Judy Niemeyer. She's a stunner.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of where I work. Thanks for coming on a tour!

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Joan Fernandes Verhoef
Joan Fernandes Verhoef
11 mei 2022

It’s beautiful!!! I love all the special stories and memories the different spaces provide for you; what a great comforting work space.

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