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Howdy y'all!

I'm Julia, or Jules to my friends, owner of Quilting Jules.

I'm a proud military wife with two young daughters.  We move every few years, and we love the opportunity it's given us to see so many wonderful parts of the world!

I started quilting shortly after we got married in 2006, and got my longarm in 2018. 

I love modern quilting, lots of color, and making t-shirt quilts.

Teal is my favorite color (bet you couldn't guess that?)

I love Texas and hope we get to retire there one day.  I went to college at Texas A&M, and met my husband in San Antonio.  Some of the best things in my life started in Texas.

I hope that by having a business doing something I love, I can teach my daughters that being true to yourself and working hard can fulfill your soul.

I love talking about quilts!  Email me!


"I had the absolute pleasure of commissioning work from Julia recently. She changed a pile of t-shirts I had stacked in my closet (that I would never throw away) into two amazing looking, high quality quilts. The effort and attention to detail was apparent immediately when I opened the packaging. This is not simply your t-shirts sown together in a bunch of squares - it is a custom made, cut, fitted, and designed piece of art. It is important to recognize the quality of her quilting a custom project for you vs a "t-shirt blanket" that you would order from a random website online. If you are in the market for something like this for yourself or a loved one, I absolutely recommend Julia for your business, you will not regret it!" ~ Chris

"Julia has quilted two quilts for me. Both tops were just ‘meh’ until I sent them to her…after quilting they look AMAZING! She so kind, helpful and knowledgeable and just a complete JOY to work with! Though she’s such a pro, she is patient and not at all intimidating. She communicated throughout the process which was so dang easy and speedy! Truly remarkable service, results and fees; I honestly cannot think of any way I could be happier! I may never machine quilt another quilt again! As long as Julia provides this service, she’ll be my go to resource for beautiful quilting!" ~ Teresa

"I had always wanted to turn my daughters baby clothes into a quilt for her and 21 years later I found Julia. She did an amazingly phenomenal job! I live locally so she met me to pick up the items and had a quick turnaround time. It came out so much better than I had ever imagined! Julia even took care to include the pieces that held the most sentimental value to me (like the outfit worn home from the hospital :D ) and the stitching was just awesome! I gifted this to my daughter for her 21st birthday and she actually cried. She recognized almost every piece from photos I have of her as a baby, and she too was mesmerized by the quality and stitching! This was the best gift I have ever given her she said. I have recommended Julia to others and will go to her again! Amazing work ~ you won’t be disappointed!!" ~ Kassi

"Julia does a marvelous job of quilting my quilts. She is reasonable and quick. Her environment is clean and smoke free. She has many patterns and helps me choose the right pattern and thread that will make my quilt a standout. I highly recommend Julia for any longarm needs." ~ Jan

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