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T-shirt Quilt | Diagonal Plaid
Baby Clothes Quilt | Diagonal Plaid
Baby Clothes Quilt | Diagonal Plaid
T-shirt Quilt | Diagonal Plaid
Baby Clothes Quilt | Ginger Flower
T-shirt Quilt | Fleur de Lis
T-shirt quilt | Diagonal Plaid
Baby clothes quilt
Baby clothes quilt
Baby clothes quilt
Baby clothes quilt
Baby clothes quilt
T-shirt quilt | Soho
T-shirt quilt
T-shirt quilt
T-shirt quilt - Mermaid

Get ready to watch your worn-out t-shirts begin their second life!

Here's all the info on t-shirt quilts.  When you're ready, fill out the form at the bottom.


Quilt style

I make t-shirt quilts in a modern mosaic style. 

I look at each t-shirt individually to decide the best size for each graphic.  When I've looked at all your shirts, I do some math (all the blocks are divisible by 4!) and come up with an overall size that fits the shirts you have.  I don't put sashing between shirts, but I will occasionally use small filler squares of solid colored t-shirt.



I charge $11 per square foot.

You don't have to do this math, I'll send you a quote before I begin work.  But just in case you want an idea:

For example, a t-shirt quilt with 15-25 shirts that measures 48" x 60" (a lap size quilt) would be $220.

Another example, a t-shirt quilt with 25-35 shirts that measures 60" x 84" (a twin quilt size) would be $385.

* For baby clothes quilts, I charge $13 per square foot.  Little clothes are super cute, but super small and require almost four times as much time to make. *



The finished size depends on the graphics on your t-shirts.

Large graphics need more space, so your quilt will be bigger.  If you're interested in a certain size, let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate that.


1. Make sure your t-shirts are clean.  I'll do my best to work around holes, but I can't fix stains.

2. Mark off any graphics you don't want in your quilt with painter's tape.  Other tapes can leave a residue. For example, lots of race/event t-shirts have the sponsors listed on the back, and few people like to include those.

If there's a very important graphic to you, mark that too.

That's it!

Backing, Thread, and Binding

When I send you a quote after looking at your t-shirts, I will include two or three options for backing fabric that will coordinate with the dominate colors in your t-shirts.  I use solid color binding fabric, generally black or navy.  I generally use a gray thread.  I find gray blends with all colors of t-shirts.

Have more questions?  Email me at

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