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  • What type of longarm services do you provide?
    I offer digital edge-to-edge longarm quilting and made to order t-shirt quilts. I have a Gammill longarm machine with an Intelliquilter computerized quilting system installed.
  • How much does it cost to have my quilt top longarm quilted?
    I charge $0.02 per square inch. Measure your length x width, and multiply by 0.02. This is your quilting charge. Batting and shipping are additional charges.
  • How do I need to prepare my quilt?
    Make sure you measure, cut and then sew borders on, this helps prevent wavy sides. Press your quilt top well. Make sure your backing is 8" longer and 8" wider than your quilt top. Square up your backing, this helps lessen the likelihood for tucks and problems on the back. If your quilt or back has a definite top, mark it with painter's tape or safety pin a note on. If your quilt has lots of seams on the edges, consider a "victory lap", stitch about 1/8" all the way around the quilt.
  • What's the largest size quilt I can send you?
    My Gammill can accomodate backing 120" wide.
  • I'm local, can I drop off my quilt?"
    Of course! I'm local to the Albuquerque, Rio Rancho area. Fill out my Get Quilting form, and make a note that you'd like to arrange a time and place to drop off your quilt.
  • What is your turnaround time?
    My turnaround time is approximately one week from when I receive your quilt, to when I mail it back to you.
  • Can I use minky for my backing?
    Absolutely! Minky is amazing, and looks so great when longarm quilted. The only limitation is the width of minky. Regular minky is 58" wide, so your quilt will need to be a max of 50" wide. If it is bigger, you'll need to buy Wide minky, which is 88" wide. With wide minky, your quilt can be 80" wide.
  • I'm a new quilter.  Can I still send you my quilt?
    Of course! I love quilting and I love helping new quilters jump into this wonderful and creative hobby! Don't be afraid to ask me any questions you have, I'm here to help!
  • Can I provide my own batting?
    Yes, you can. Please make sure that your batting is at least 6" larger than your quilt top width and length.
  • What kind of batting do you stock?
    I currently have Quilters Dream 80/20, and Quilters Dream 100% cotton on 93" rolls. I also have a small selection of various Quilters Dream packaged battings. If you're looking for a specialty batting by Quilters Dream, send me a message. A specialty order through Quilters Dream is not a problem!
  • What's involved in making a t-shirt quilt?
    Great question! First I look over your shirts. I'll make a note of the best size block for each graphic. I use these measurements to calculate the final size. I'll send you this size and a price quote via email or text. When you accept the quote, I'll do a rough cut around each graphic. Then I iron on interfacing to the back. This helps keep stretchy knit fabrics from moving around while it's quilted. Next, I do a more precise cut around the graphic. Now they're quilt blocks! Then I lay them out in a mosaic style, making sure the size and colors of your shirt are balanced and look great! Then I sew them all together. Now they're a quilt top! Finally, the quilt top gets loaded on the longarm, quilted, trimmed and bound. It's ready to head home! Whew! Aren't you glad I'm taking care of all that work?!?
  • What kind of preparation do my t-shirts need?
    Your t-shirts should be clean. I'll do my best to work around holes, but I can't get stains out. Make sure you mark any graphic you DO NOT want in your finished quilt with painter's tape. Other tapes leave a residue that may not come out.
  • Do I need to cut my t-shirts before I mail them?
    Nope! Just make sure they're clean!
  • How many t-shirts do I need?
    That depends on the finished size of quilt you're looking for and the size of the graphics on your t-shirts. More shirts generally equal a larger quilt, but if all your graphics are small logos from the front of the shirt, it may be tough to make a large quilt. I find 20-25 makes a generous lap quilt size.
  • Can I include sports jerseys or sweatshirts?
    Yes! My Gammill is a workhorse; she can sew through all kinds of fabrics!
  • I have all my child's baby clothes.  Can you make a quilt with those?
    I can! I love baby clothes quilts. Since baby clothes are generally much smaller than adult t-shirts, they take longer and require more clothing to make a substantial size quilt. Please email me for more information and a price quote!
  • Do you make any other style of t-shirt quilt?
    I only make a mosaic style t-shirt quilt. It's the most visually interesting style to me, and the most fun to make. It's like a giant puzzle! I think you'll love it too!
  • How long will it take to make my quilt?
    T-shirt quilts generally take between 2 and 3 weeks. Occasionally, it may take longer if I have to special order backing fabric, but I will always keep you updated.
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