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I can call you Betty...

Let's introduce our star player, shall we?


Betty is a Gammill Optimum Plus. She turns 18 this year and is a workhorse. She is 12 feet long and has a 30” throat, which means I can quilt an area 21” x 120” at one time before I have to roll up the quilt sandwich. Betty loves Omni thread and a good oiling.

Attached to Betty is my Intelliquilter computer.

The Intelliquilter is the brains to Betty’s brawn (do girls have brawn?). I can tell the Intelliquilter where it is on the quilt, what I’d like it to quilt, secure the threads, and it will quilt away with no help from me. It’s magical.

Here’s Betty’s new home in New Mexico. She gets some prime real estate with lots of breathing room. There’s lots of natural light and 12 foot ceilings. Somehow with all that space, she still looks enormous.

So now you’ll have a better idea of where I spend my days and where the magic happens!

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