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Too much of a good thing?

As a quilter, sometimes you know exactly what quilting design you want on your quilt. Sometimes you find inspiration from the quilt pattern, and sometimes it’s the fabric in your quilt. But what do you do when your quilt has what feels like ten million twenty-nine fabrics?

Scrap quilts can be tricky to find just the right design. Typically, busy fabrics can overpower quilting so much that intricate quilting just doesn’t show up. So, with a scrap quilt full of busy fabrics, you’re already on strike two. This is where a modern quilting design that provides texture comes in.

This is the Plaidish pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting and the pantograph is Raindrops on the Water, by Three Sisters Fabrics. It’s one of my favorite pantographs! I just love how it adds texture and movement. It doesn’t overpower the low volume fabrics and it plays well in busy fabrics.

The second best thing about this pantograph is how awesome this pantograph is on minky! I love a minky backing. It can really make an okay quilt to your go-to quilt.

Do you have a scrappy quilt that needs just the right modern texture added to it? Let’s get quilting!

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