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Read more books!

I love to read! Luckily, so do my daughters. So when I saw Kate Basti's Tall Tales Book pattern, I knew I had to make one!

Book Quilt \ Rainbow Heart pantograph
Book Quilt

After combing through my stash, I decided on this beautiful Confetti Ombre fabric from Vanessa Christenson for the words. Then I made the books in teals and pinks! I had so much fun fussy-cutting the book covers.

When it came time to decide on backing, I knew I wanted it to be super cuddly! I went with a beautiful aqua color minky. It's the perfect quilt for cozying up with a good book. Minky makes a wonderful backing, and is really easy for me to work with on my longarm.

Next came my favorite part, machine quilting designs! Although, this quilt was pretty easy, it was begging for some rainbow hearts! I chose the Rainbow Hearts pattern from Intelligent Quilting because what girl doesn't love hearts and rainbows? This is one of my favorite pantographs because it's playful and sweet, but adds so much wonderful quilting texture.

I used white thread, because the background is white. I wanted the quilting to blend in and provide texture. I usually try to match thread to the lightest color, which is oftentimes the background. It really pulls the quilt all together.

I just love how this keepsake quilt turned out! Pretty and fun, but more important, all ready to join you in reading more books!

If you've got a quilt top that's ready for a great machine quilting design, just click on the Get Quilting button at the top of the page, and let's get started!

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